Peaches Prattlings

{April 17, 2017}   Spring is kicking my…

If you see me during this season, you might see a miserable human being, some days. 

I wish you could hear how my grandma Molly used to say it, with emphasis, mis-er-ab-la creature. I didn’t have seasonal allergies when I was a kid. Then I moved to Georgia and after almost 18 years, bam! Achoo, achoo, achoo. They say if you don’t have allergies before you move to Georgia, you will. 

So, here I am, sneezing my head off and it wears me out! Saturday, I sneezes so many times, I actually got knocked out, I had to take a nap! 

I’ve tried all sorts of allergy meds, they all make me sleepy, its not fun. Today was no different and I feel terrible about it! 

I got up early, actually overslept, I’m not sure if it had to do with the allergy med, the fact that I was exhausted from sneezing constantly or what. Then, I took one when at work and I was a littleoout of it, the worst part… tonight, DLP came to my hotel and we ordered in, sitting in front of the fireplace…we wanted to sit on the terrace, it was still a little chilly. 

After we ate, I made the mistake of stretching out on the bed and all of a sudden I realized I had fallen asleep and was snoring! I sat up, didn’t help, I did it again! That was her cue! 

After she left, I woke up, of course, but I don’t think I’ll make it much longer! Goodnight!


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