Peaches Prattlings

{April 13, 2017}   Gymnastics, soccer, swimming, oh my!

Wednesday it was back to normal. 

What does that mean? It’s work and school and sports, the usual. Wednesday morning came and there was get everyone on the bus, mommy and daddy back to school and that left dad, LaLa and me. 

I got some work done and then it was go to the girls school to see MGS in a gymnastics extravaganza! The first graders, towards the end of the year, do a gymnastics exhibition to show what they’ve learned throughout the year. 

They have to tumble, balance, climb, jump, incorporate literature, like making an A or a period, they can do all or a combination. It was great, I remember watching EJS during hers. After, we took pictures with her, big cheers. 

After dead, LaLa and I went to breakfast and then they headed home and I got to work. 

I picked both girls up from school, home for dinner and then took MGS to soccer practice, so cute! She had some great moves, passes and turns!

Today, after school it was swim lessons, she’s becoming quite the little fish! Can’t wait to swim with her in Hawaii!

What a busy two days! Tomorrow, it’s Good Friday, both girls have off and I get to spend the day with them, I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! 


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