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{April 7, 2017}   Real Milk… right


This is just my opinion…

I saw a commercial today for “real milk” and the benefits of real milk over almond milk. It was almost dairy free shaming. 

I love milk. I miss milk. If I could drink milk without getting sick, I would. If I could eat ice cream without it sending me straight into stomach cramps, I would. If I could walk into a pizza joint for a slice, don’t you think I would?

I was diagnosed when I was 18 lactose intolerance and over the years it just got worse and worse. 

When I was a kid, I loved milk and all things milk, especially an ice cold glass of strawberry milk with a pb&j. Once I realized I couldn’t have this I was heartbroken. 

Then, someone came out with a milk substitute! What? Mmmmm. I was in heaven! I could have a glass of milk? Wahoo! 

Over the years, there have been improvements and additions to milk and other products that are milk subdtitutes. Some are good, some not as good. 

I can now participate! That’s amazing! I can have a glass of ‘milk ‘, I can have pizza, icecream, yogurt, a cheese  [veggie] burger. Wow!

So…if I could buy a gallon of ‘real’ milk…I would, but since I can’t, like countless numbers of people, having a substitute is ok with me. 

So…stop milk shaming!!!


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