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{April 2, 2017}   I’m saved! Vegan pizza!

I’m in Breckenridge and let’s just say, as hippy dippy as it is trendy and it’s Colorado, the vegan pickins are slim. To none…

I used my fabulous Happy Cow app and found Piante Pizzeria, the only vegan option in town. Plenty of veg – friendly, this was vegan! Off I went. 

It’s got a nice atmosphere, cozy and intimate, there are only about six, maybe eight tables, and four spots at the bar, which is where I sat, facing the open brick oven.

I am always skeptical, even when it says vegan, so I always ask on the first few things, then I’m good. It didn’t even register that it was 100% vegan when I walked in and when I asked my favorite question “can you feed a vegan?” Enthusiastic yes was the response!

Now, I don’t know how many people in the place were actual vegans or with a vegan or just up for a new experience.  Who cares! Everyone was enjoying themselves. 

They had three appetizers, the rest of the menu was salad and pizza, I really liked that. They use cashew cheese and have daiya cheese for anyone with a cashew allergy, but we know how feel about daiya cheese.  I was happy. They even have vegan New York cheesecake, but I was full!

I didn’t really read the entire menu, I found what I was looking for…a white pie! Really? Sold! It’s my favorite pizza and something I cannot get anymore. Sigh. 

I looked at it, realized it had mushrooms and nixed those. What I didn’t realize until it was about to go into the oven…arugela. 

What? A white pie us just that, white on white on white. Olive oil, garlic, ricotta cheese and mozzarella, that’s it. White. 

I didn’t let them make me another, it would be fine. I could see spinach or basil, just not sure about the salad. I was ready for a new adventure. 

It came out and did not disappoint. The cheese was creamy and melted, the garlic was tasty and the crust nice and crisp. Did I wait like I should have to not burn the roof of my mouth? Of course not! This is going to annoy me for days! Ouch!

I ate half and although I knew I could eat the rest, I decided to not pig out and took it with me. Any guesses what’s for lunch tomorrow?

I got to chat with the guy making the pizzas, said he’s only eaten these vegan pizzas and lost ten pounds? What? If that worked, I’d move in!  He was fun to chat with, almost like not eating alone!

The wait staff is terrific and friendly and on the way out I had the opportunity to talk with the owner’s wife, a really lovely, genuine person. 

I liked their version of repurposing items. The giant sauce cans were pizza stands and they have a small library, which they bring your check in to the table, very clever!

If you have the opportunity to be in Breckenridge and you’re looking for vegan, pizza or something different, check them out. They’ve been open since January 27th and I expect they’ll be doing some great things in the future! I look forward to my next trip to Breck!


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