Peaches Prattlings

{April 2, 2017}   A fabulous weekend skiing

My last week on the slopes was terrific!

I got in late Friday night, picked up my rental car, it was a nice little hybrid, still not 100% used to all of them so I’m not always sure when they’re on!

It started to rain as I started driving, then snow, then hail, sleet, snow, in that order. Two hours later, I was in Frisco, hoping to pick up a few essentials for the weekend. Not much open at midnight, including walmart, what?

I got to the Doubletree, the points were too good not to use. My room looked out over the mountain and I could see one of the lifts. I was actually staying behind Beaver Run Resort, where I stayed a few years ago for New Year’s Eve, fun. 

I got up, went down to the ski shop and rented skis that they fitted to my boots that I had with me, breakfast, ski clothes, it feels like a helmet day and then hit the slopes. 

I picked up the skis, walked across the parking lot, put my skis on and woosh, right down to the first lift! This is the way to live!

I skied a few hours, took a break for some hearty tomato soup, minus the recommended grilled cheese, then headed back on the slopes for a few more hours. 

I thought I’d go back to the room for a bit, not sure if I’d go back on the slopes, but a rest was in order.  The best part of staying on the mountain, or very close, is that you have choices of where to rest, you don’t have to stay on the mountain the entire day. 

I took my skis to the ski valet, yes, I said ski valet! The hotel doesn’t want skis, poles or boards in the building, so they have a valet, works for me!

I got some work done, rested and eventually, I got motivated. I went to the bar/ restaurant, they have apres-hours and on the balcony, you can make smores! That was fun! 

I got a few recommendations for dinner, nothing panned out until I found Piante Pizzeria! I told you about that last night, yum!

Day two I was up at 730am, breakfast and then on the slopes by 9am, I got to make some of the first tracks down the mountain. 

I skied until about 12pm, headed into the hotel, showered, finished packing and finished my pizza, still good! Then got in the road, stopped at Whole Foods for something to have for my flight, then off to the airport. 

I’m glad I left when I did, it took about three plus hours. Bag drop, gas, rental car return, get to the gate, plenty of time. 

The flight was uneventful and I’m back in Chicago for a new week. 


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