Peaches Prattlings

{March 29, 2017}   Did I just hear what I thought I did?

Ever been somewhere the walls are really thin?

One of my first apartments in Atlanta had walls so thin I could hear people next door playing the electric guitar without sound and brushing their teeth.

I may have mentioned that I pretty much live in hotels being on the road 100% for work.  Well, some of those walls are, let’s say thin. 

You hear a lot of things in hotels. Music, tv, people talking heatedly, having sex. To be fair, the sex one makes sense because people can get loud, it’s annoying when you’re trying to sleep, but there you go. 

Well, I was walking by a room the other day and all I heard was someone farting! Not really what I ever expected to hear as i walked by! For some reason I found this quite humorous in an old, historic, fancy hotel, just seemed out of place. 

I’m not disparaging the person for doing it, I was just surprised and it turned me into a little kid who found this incredibly funny!

I had been texing ST and he was quite punny about it, said it should definitely be a blog post. 50 Shades of Smell…The Bathroom Diaries. I said don’t stop, you’re on a roll [tp]. Yuck yuck yuck…[oh my, i just realized what I typed! I meant it as a laugh, not a reaction! Ha ha ha!]


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