Peaches Prattlings

{March 28, 2017}   It’s never easy to say goodbye. 

My very dear friends lost a furry treasured member of their family. 

I say friends, they’re my family and my heart hurts for them tonight. Divit was a very sweet dog, he came to A&L K’s family eleven years ago. I still remember the day he came home, he was small and brown and scared. But curious, loving and wanting to fit in to his new family. 

He was joining Jazz, his new older sister, a very sweet black lab and three two legged sisters who adored him immediately. This dog could jump! He used to drive the family crazy, jumping over the fence, the fence being over six feet high! Think this made his new prayers nuts!?

But he settled in quite well and loved his new family, including yours truly, Auntie J. He would greet me when I came to the house, didn’t bark, would snuggle and even say for me when I had to help remove a tick! 

He was a great comfort to his family when Jazz passed and welcomed his new sisters, Twinkie and Yoohoo a few years later. 

A while ago, the family received some sad news about Divit, he had a tumor. He was given a few months to live and the family made the most of that time. Trips to the beach in Florida, walks as long as he could take it, ice cream and all the love he could handle. 

When I was down in GA the last time, we snuggled, hung out and had long talks and I told him that the family would be ok, they had his sisters and I would keep an eye on them for him.  I had a feeling that would be the last time I saw him and it was. 

The other ready, LK texted me to let me know, I had asked her to. It was going to be at 4pm yesterday that he would cross over the Rainbow Bridge and when I texted a little while before then, she told me his last meal was French fries and ice cream and I’ll bet he was happy. He looked it in the pictures she sent. 

The vet gave each family member a Hershey kiss to say goodbye. 

And then he was gone. I’m glad I had the chance to say goodbye and give him some auntie love. 

Divit will be missed, remembered and loved. Right now, he’s probably chasing Jazz around. Hugs to my family.


Lee says:

So beautiful WRITTEN and so very true about such a wonderful little boy that found this place in the world with the most amazing family,
We love you Divot !
We will all meet again…
Heard thunder the other night, had a feeling you were chasing Jazz And jumping Pearly gates playing.
For youit will be the blink of an eye” until you see your family again , just know that you’re beautiful soul and spirit, is the best part of who we become in the world, many blessings for your family that rescued you ! Many prayers God Blesses them each and every day, from all the blessings they gave YOU! Fly Sweet Angel

Thank you for your kind words.

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