Peaches Prattlings

{March 27, 2017}   A great day…swish, swoosh, no ouch!

My second day on Park City, Utah was a success!

I got up liesurely, wrapped my ankle, nice and snug, got some breakfast, requested a late checkout and headed back to the slopes.

It was great! The sun was shining, the powder packed in some places and off I went swishing and swooshing. I listened to Five Guys Named Moe, didn’t quite cut it, so Nickelback to the rescue, I needed the kick. 

I took my time in some places, speed in others and I probably got in about 6 runs. Then I looked at the time, knew I needed to leave about 12pm, head back to shower, pack and head out. There wasn’t a slope that went directly to the base, so I took the connector chair, fun!

The signs for the slopes said No Easy Way Down, ok, here goes nothing. 

About that time, I hit some slushy stuff and did the snowplow most of the way down until I got to the bottom where the snow was packed.

Got in the bucket back down, noticing all the green, you fluid possibly play golf while others skied! Back to the hotel, shower, pack and headed to a ski store for a better ski bag, this one has wheels! Much easier for travel, now I feel like I’m for real!

Looking forward to the next trip, who knows when!


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