Peaches Prattlings

{March 26, 2017}   Swish…woosh…then ouch

I decided to try a new place to ski, Park City, Utah, it a beautiful place. 

I’m staying at a Hampton Inn about six miles from the lift, nice and convenient. I parked right in front of the bucket lift that takes you to the gondola that takes you to the other lifts. That just sounded silly. They have a gondola that you put your skis on the outside while you go up the mountain, it’s nice, along with the people to put on and take off the skis!

At the top, I skied to the first chair lift, skied down, took the next lift and it went on that way for a bit. I stuck to the blue square runs since I haven’t been here before. 

I got to one spot and looked up a small slope, what? Then I saw the tow rope, whew! I was relieved, especially since I don’t have poles with me. 

I was not far from the base, I found that out shortly, good thing, when I wiped out. It happens, I was upright one minute swishing and swooshing down the slope and next thing, I was on my back looking at the sky. Huh?

I shook my head, looked back and saw my one ski a little way up the hill. I stood up, realized one of if the things poles are really useful for… releasing your boots from your skis!

I got my other ski back, put them both on, which, as you might know, is not easy to do on a slope! As I stared to ski back down to the base, I realized my ankle was throbbing a bit. I thought it might be a good idea to have someone look at it. 

I skied to the base, found out where the clinic was. I declined ski patrol coming to get me, it seemed silly. The doctor, nurse and about six ski patrol folks were sitting around, a little bored. 

The doctor looked at my ankle and confirmed what I had been thinking. Elevate, ice, ibuprofen and I should be fine. One of the ski patrol drove me back to my car, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up an ace bandage and some zip-lock baggies to hold ice.

So, here I sit, in the living room of my hotel room, foot propped yup, watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon, doing something I never get to do, relax!

Tomorrow, fingers crossed, I am going yo hit the slopes again for a few hours before I fly back to Chicago.


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