Peaches Prattlings

{March 25, 2017}   I can sleep anywhere, anytime… and he proved it!

I used to be like that…sigh, I miss those days. 

Yesterday, I flew to Salt Lake City. I sat next to a nice guy heading home to Lake Tahoe. We talked tech, movies, skiing, travel, pets, smartphones. He asked why I didn’t have an iPhone, being such a techie. I love my answer!! “I’m allergic to apples!!!!” Muwahaha!

We also talked about sleeping and sleeping on flights. I mentioned that I don’t sleep much or on my flights and he said he could sleep anywhere and he did…

I asked him if he wanted to stop talking so he could get some sleep, he said no and about thirty minutes later I look over and he’s out…

He woke up when we landed and had a good laugh.


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