Peaches Prattlings

{March 17, 2017}   But I still want to push the buttons! 

No, I’m not a three year old! Well, maybe sometimes!

I’m staying in a hotel that has one of those newer elevator system, where you enter the floor you want on the touch screen near the elevators and it displays which elevator to take.

The hard part is, when you walk into the elevator car, you still look for the buttons to push and all you have are the open and close buttons, oh and the emergency buttons. And everyone sees you looking and smiles because they did the same thing!

Then, there’s that momentary feeling of being incomplete because you didn’t push the button or ask someone to push the button or watch someone push the button. Of course, at that point you’re almost transported back to childhood when you fought over pushing the buttons! 

Do you remember those days? Of course you did because inadvertently, you end up in an elevator with a little kid who just has to push the button or it gets ugly!

It’s ok, I’m over it, I’ll push the buttons on the next elevator, well, as long as there’s no kid on it!


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