Peaches Prattlings

{March 12, 2017}   It’s daylight savings… check this out!

Now, our day was full, but this is too cool. 

We were at the airport waiting for PSM’s aunt and uncle to land and we looked at the clock. We were doing some calculations that didn’t seem to be working out when I remembered that daylight savings happened today at 2am. 

Something to keep in mind, if you didn’t already know, Hawaii doesn’t observe daylight savings like the rest of the country. There are several states that don’t.

As we’re looking at the clock, it’s too cool because parts of the country still haven’t changed yet.

During the winter, Hawaii is five hours behind the east coast, three behind central, three behind mountain and two behind the west coast. During the summer, east coast is six hours ahead, central is five hours ahead, mountain and west coast will be four ahead. 

The cool thing is watching as the time changes in the different time zones eventually. When you know off the top of your head what it should be, but it hasn’t hit 2am everywhere, it’s confusing! Hey, if you don’t know it to begin with, oh brother. 

It was ten pm when we looked at the clock and watching as the time changed across the country. East coast and central had already changed to six and five hours ahead because it was after midnight. 

By the time we wake up, mountain will be four ahead and west coast will be three and we’ll be set for another six months until we have to figure it out again!


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