Peaches Prattlings

{March 4, 2017}   A new hotel, a new level of being spoiled!

As if Hilton didn’t spoil me enough, I had a new level of being spoiled this week.  I’m not sure if I’ll be easy to live with after this!

First…I did not realize that the Waldorf Astoria was a Hilton property…I do now! And boy howdy! I did find out that I need to start checking in at the front desk to get my upgrades, checking in on the app might get me an upgrade, but not always. Next time, I might get a balcony and a fireplace, sold!

I walked in to this nice entry way, carpeted, look to the left, bar, fridge is actually a drawer, fancy [said with accent to make you laugh] And closets,  one with my robe and extra slippers, yeah…

To the right is my ginormous bathroom, marble floors and deep tub with the tray that has bath fizzy tablets. Did I take a relaxing fizzy bath…while watching a movie on the tv in the mirror? You bet your sweet bippie! 

The room itself was nice, nothing extraordinary, comfortable and cozy, hard to get out of the sheets comfy bed. What the extra step was…

Let’s start with the turn down service. Every night someone comes in to turn the sheets down, I imagine that’s where the expression comes from. No, no chocolates on the pillow,  but they do leave 2-3 bottles of water. They also leave a weather forecast card with an appropriate quote. They put a napkin down on the floor next to the bed and put your slippers on it. How’s that for service?

The staff is fantastic,  you can’t blink without them ready to do… whatever! Great dining suggestions, history and knowledge of the hotel, open every door, hail every cab,  carry every bag. And if you sneeze,  they are worried that something may be amiss. 

I walked into my room the other day and found a fuzzy work glove, not mine. I brought it downstairs and they were very concerned.  Today, I got a call from the day manager who had wanted to meet me before I checked out, to say hello and ensure my stay was enjoyable. He also asked me questions about the glove and they are going to do a thorough investigation to see who was in my room if they shouldn’t have been.  Wow. 

So… Did Hilton have my loyalty before, oh yeah. Do they have it double now? Am I going to stay at the Waldorf as much add possible? Oh yeah. Have they created a monster? Oh, you bet your sweet bippie! [I know, such harsh language!]. Hey… why don’t you stay with me one weekend, let’s see how you like it!

P.S. happy happy SIXTH birthday to my fabulous, special,  beautiful, smart, goofy, granddaughter,  LB. JJ loves you!


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