Peaches Prattlings

{March 1, 2017}   The Beet Table

What a fabulous meal!

I was looking for a dinner option, I looked up the places that the hotel suggested and wasn’t thrilled, they had things they could ‘veganize’ by removing items, not what I was looking for, so I kept looking  and found The Beet Table.  

I sat at the bar,  that eating alone decision, bar/table. I made a good choice, I liked the bar, easy to sit at and the bartender was very nice and helpful. 

Most of the options were vegan, so you can imagine I was a happy camper! I started with the sweet pea guacamole, wow! It still had avocado, tomatoes, onions and seasoning. It could have used a bit more salt,  but the chips were nice and crisp with a fair amount of salt, so that helped. I followed that with the butternut squash and quinoa, wow! There was a butternut squash under the quinoa and big slices of acorn squash on the side, spiced almonds, some other veggies and cranberry purree to cut the spice, it was fabulous! 

I loved it and I’m looking forward to going back to try some of the other options!

I also found out they are in New York City,  enjoy northern vegans!


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