Peaches Prattlings

{February 21, 2017}   I was dressed for bear…

Ok, I apparently have been using that expression incorrectly for a while. 

I thought it meant dressed warm for cold weather, oh well. I was coming back to Chicago this week expecting it to be cold and no, I didn’t check the weather, that would be the smart thing to do. 

I was wearing jeans, knee socks, a sweater and winter boots. For a freezing plane or a winter day,  I was stylin’! The outfit looked good, I thought so and someone else said so,  put together and work appropriate, we could wear jeans today! 

I get to Chicago and it was warm! I didn’t need a coat,  that was in my checked luggage, never took it out of my bag! The office was warm, I was sweating and my bag was at the hotel, so I couldn’t change my top! 

It was even warm walking back to the hotel, I got into the room and dropped jeans, sweater and socks! I even turned the air on and sat there in my skivvies to cool off. 

I remember being here in Chicago in April last year and it was still cold! I was going on that! And I’ve been told that it might be coming again, hmmm…gotta check the weather for tomorrow!


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