Peaches Prattlings

{February 15, 2017}   Happy everything!

It’s February 14th, that means…a lot!

It’s Valentine’s Day across the globe for anyone who’s in and feels love. Don’t forget, love takes many forms. Spouses with each other, significant others, parents with children, grandparents, friends, soul mates, friends, kids, both two and for legged, maybe even more legs if you’re into spiders and octopuses.

My friends JCT and JT have their wedding anniversary today, how love-ly is that? Happy anniversary! 

SDL and Miss A are celebrating their Gotcha Day! This is the day when the adoption became official, how fabulous is that? What was our life like before you came into it? I can honestly say, I have no idea! Happy Gotcha Day! 

Oh, the love I have for my family and friends…my immediate family and extended family…my nieces and grandbabies…there are no words to express what you all mean to me. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

To my love, my honey, my Boo. So much to say, I’ll tell you when I see you. What I will say is thank you for my fabulous flowers, I love them. Happy Valentine’s Day,  I love you. 


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