Peaches Prattlings

{February 12, 2017}   Sunday…another snow day! 

Sunday school, sledding, hot chocolate, snow, hotel. 

Sunday was quiet in the morning, the kids and GES were at Sunday school, ACS was watching Sunday Morning, when I finally decided to come downstairs and I watched with him after making some breakfast. 

When the kids got home, there was playing in the snow, a little deep in some spots! Sledding, which translates to Auntie J, pull us in the tobbogin! Hmmm…

After sledding, dry the snow gear, good thing I had it with me! Hot chocolate, lunch and then…pack up and head to a hotel for the night near the airport. Good thing, it keeps snowing, who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow? See how foggy it was from the hotel window?

Take out, bad tv, talk to you, bed. Fingers crossed I get out tomorrow, lots of flights are getting canceled. 

Happy snow day! 


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