Peaches Prattlings

{February 11, 2017}   It’s snowing in Boston!

It’s Saturday and it’s a snow day. A stay in day. A play date day. 

I got up and went in search of life. GES was on the sofa with MGS and PK, she was the mysterious person on the air mattress in MGS’ room when I kissed her goodnight last night. ACS and EJS were at soccer game. 

They got home and EJS scored three goals! Then we all went to breakfast. 

After breakfast, MGS, EJS and PK played outside in the snow, so funny to watch! They slid down the steps in a toboggan, apparently three steps is enough. They then wanted to clean off the cars and ingenious….MGS figured out she could close the trunk using the ice scraper to hit the button!

A good time was had by all! Especially those of us warm on the inside watching! 
EJS was picked up to go to a birthday party. There was bowling then a sleepover at a hotel.  Pizza, swimming, staying up late, sounds good to me! 

ACS went to get a haircut and when he got back GES and I went to get pedicures. Then some groceries and picked up dinner and the two of us watched Florence Foster Jenkins until the rest of the family got home. 

It was a nice relaxing day. 

What will tomorrow bring? Besides more snow. 


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