Peaches Prattlings

{February 9, 2017}   My night

Well, tonight, after a whirlwind of dates with friends and my team, it was a me party.

After work, I headed to my hotel, participed in the conference call then it was search for food. I also got a new suitcase delivered, wahoo! I love my eBags backpack and needed a new bag for work that’s durable, especially the way baggage handlers handle bags. I thought it was too big, but after packing tonight…

So, I went out trying to decide what to b have for dinner and as I put my hand in my pocket, I found a coupon…Old Navy cash…and I thought…I haven’t talked to Old Navy in a while, so…

Coupon used, new fun stuff acquired, a few dresses to twirl and keep me entertained,  we said goodbye for a while and I went to one of my favorite places, Vapiano’s, never actually been without LJ or DLP…I ended up deciding on take out. A cheese-less pizza and a salad. If you think about it,  a cheese-less pizza is really just a flatbread, which works for me. 

Back to the room, eat, have a fashion show for myself, glad I bought the bigger bag! Chilled out, watched Gigi on TV, then talked to CWB for a while,  so very glad we reconnected! Then it was eventually time for lights out, after talking to you, of course. Fingers crossed sleep actually comes. 

Travel day tomorrow! 


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