Peaches Prattlings

{February 2, 2017}   A good few days

Here’s what’s happened since I got back to the mainland. 

I got to the client’s  site on Tuesday and settled in. When the manager saw me she said “I’m so glad it’s you!” How great did that make me feel!  I found a good restaurant for lunch, middle eastern yum! Two for two. To make it three for three I couldn’t get an Uber yesterday morning so I took a taxi. The driver was very nice and offered to pick me up today and gave me his number.  I called him this morning and there he was.  Cool.

Over the last two days there are so many people I remember and who remember me from training classes they attended, they have been very happy to see me, isn’t that awesome? 

I had a decent veggie burger for lunch at an Irish pub. Last night’s dinner was the leftover vegan pizza from Monday night and tonight I went to a decent Chinese restaurant, all but four of the patrons, including me, we’re Chinese, a good sign in my opinion. It was cool that everyone who came in the bartender spoke to in Chinese.  Made me miss JCT and her mom. 

All in all,  two good days, looking forward to the next two. 


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