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{February 1, 2017}   I missed you!!

Oh my friends…I have missed you! I hope the feeling was a wee bit mutual.

I had such an amazing weekend that I had promised to share with you as I experienced it.  Alas…Tmobile was not so friendly on the Big Island of Hawaii. So, a frustrating as that was, I’m going to be a big girl and move on and share my weekend with you now. Needless to say…it’s gonna be long one. 

Here’s how my Friday, January 28th post went:

What do you do for the weekend, when you live on an island? You go to another island! 

January 30th marks the two year anniversary of our first date. I don’t know if you remember me surprising PSM in Hawaii for our one year anniversary, it was awesome!  It was also my first trip, of many, out here before I moved officially. 

PSM surprised me with a trip to the Big Island for the weekend and here we are! He booked the tickets and the car, I got the hotel, you can guess where we’re staying! 

We got to the hotel, the Hilton Waikoloa Village checked in and then headed to the room. The property is 62 acres! They have their own transportation system on the property, you can walk, of course, how yesterday! Or you can take a boat or tram! 

We opted for the boat to get to our room, in the Ocean Tower.  We have a very nice room with a partial view of the ocean, we can see it, not sure how partial it really is. The important thing is we can hear the ocean, sleeping with weigh A/C off and window open tonight! 

The first thing we booked when we arrived was the luau and shortly after seeing the room, we left…headed to the luau.

What fun! The had a vegan option for me and PSM went to the buffet. Awesome waiter kept bringing more drinks, PSM was a happy camper. 

The show itself was fabulous. Great history to learn about the Island of Hawaii. Each island has their own history, own and different stories to tell. I have to say, the fire dancing and spinning was the best! If you ever have the opportunity, do it! So much fun! 

After the luau it was a nice walk back to the room, talk, laugh, catch up and then try to talk to you. A nice way to start our weekend, wouldn’t you agree? 

Welcome day two. And what a day it was! We spent the day on a tour of Volcano National Park! 
We toured lava tubes, which are the natural conduits which lava flows through, wow! We hiked to a volcano crater, there are hot pockets that you see and feel the steam coming up, unusual foliage, berries you can eat and berries, you shouldn’t.

We went to another part of the national park and we could see where the lava formed around a tree and then dinner at a volcano winery where they grow grapes and tea leaves. 

We finished our day at an active volcano so we could see the glow in the distance, pictures cannot do it justice at all. 

Sunday morning came and PSM had a relaxing massage,  we met for breakfast and then headed to the airport. We flew back to Honolulu, collected our luggage, headed to check in, so my bags off, say a heartfelt farewell and I flew off to the great blue yonder back to Chicago. 

Yesterday, I arrived about 630am, headed to the hotel and they had a room and that two hour nap was amazing! Then it was a day at the office, dinner with DLP at Kitchen 17, hotel and zzzzzzz…

Well, after mushy talk with PSM for our two year anniversary. 

I hope you’ll forgive me for not talking to you last night.

So…it’s been great catching up with you tonight and now I am going to crash. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. 



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