Peaches Prattlings

{January 26, 2017}   Wow! Thank you for asking! 

Lunch today was kind of a bust, but with a twist. 

I thought I’d try a new place for lunch today. No love for the vegan today, I ended up at Burger King, which I enjoy, but it wasn’t my first choice. 

Before I ended up at Burger King, the last place I went to, as I was leaving after looking at the menu and mentioning there was nothing for a vegan, the bartender asked what they could have on the menu that I might want. 

They were changing their menu and she would like to know what they could offer.  I said for me, I would love to see a veggie burger, as I’ve told you and I told her,  I don’t care if it’s frozen and they stick it in the microwave, I just want the option. I also mentioned that it shouldn’t be cooked where they cook meat, but if it is, like on a grill, cool it on tin foil. 

If I want to go out for a salad,  then that’s what I want, but I don’t want a salad to be my default and only option. 
I thanked her for asking and she thanked me for my help and away I went…to Burger King for a veggie burger. 


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