Peaches Prattlings

{January 24, 2017}   My wall is not your soap box, please stop using it that way

It happened once, I was annoyed, it happened again, now I’m saying something. 

I know, you might be thinking, it only happened twice, what’s your problem? My problem is that I wasn’t posting to open up a political onslaught or insight, people bashing or name calling. I was posting because I thought something was cool. 

The first time was when I was in Hawaii last month and after a hike we saw President Obama’s cavalcade, I shared that with you. I posted it because I thought it was cool, I don’t know the last time I’ve been that close to a president and they stopped everyone coming in and out of the park until they went by. 

What happened when I posted it was a slew of nastiness thrown around. It wasn’t as if I was posting it to invite conversation more than maybe “Oh wow” or “cool”, people found this the proper forum to tell others what they thought about the president, his stance on things and a few others.  Ok, maybe not a slew, but it was enough. 

The next thing that happened was I liked a meme someone posted on their own wall, I thought the caption was funny. I only clicked the like button, I didn’t comment, didn’t say boo…Someone saw that I liked it and proceeded to express their opinion on someone else’s wall. And when the poster responded it went back and forth. It started to get ugly and it bothered me. 

I get that everyone has opinions, I have my own and if I wanted to start a dialog or political conversation, I would have opened it up that way. And there will be times I do in the future, you will know it. And when I do, comment away, I want to know how  you feel, I want your opinion.

This felt more like people felt the need to use someone else’s page for their issues and lambast others. There will be more posts out there for you to comment on. You have a page, use it. 

Rant over. 

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