Peaches Prattlings

{January 14, 2017}   Together again

I’ve got my baby back! I just love saying that…mostly because now you’re singing it! 

This past week, PSM was in St Louis for work and since he was so close, we decided to get together. He extend his time in St Louis and I booked a flight to see him. 

Well, Mother Nature had other plans and sent a big ice storm his way so…rebook to Chicago for Friday and I got a hotel for the weekend and here he is! 

I went into the office because I knew he would be working most of the day and I was right. About 5pm, he got off his call and then rang me as I was packing up my bag to leave. 

It’s nice being together, ahh….we went to one of my favorite vegan restaurants, his idea, so very sweet of him,  had a good dinner, then walked around Chicago. Eventually ended up back at the hotel to relax and eventually crash. 

It’s been a great evening, talking, laughing, catching up, being silly,  just right. 


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