Peaches Prattlings

{January 11, 2017}   The passwords are clean! 


I use an app to store my passwords and credit cards, I’m sure like a lot of you. The one I use is Dashlane and I really like it. If I use the Dashlane browser, it will populate the information with a touch of an icon, very simple. The other thing it will do is create a password for me or tell me if the one I’m using is safe or ice used the same one too many times. 

Well, I have access to a lot of different sites, some I use all the time and some here and there. Regardless, it stores every password.

I’ve been meaning to clean it up for a long time, there are multiples in there, I have 3 different yahoo email addresses, things like that and I need to keep them straight. There were sites in there I haven’t used in years, like dating sites, don’t need those anymore, job search sites, nope. You get the idea. 

I’ve been going in there here and there to clean it up and tonight I was updating something and said ‘enough is enough’ and I cleaned up the list. I attempted to log into every site, tested passwords, deleted sites, updated site names and web addresses, cleaned it up. I still have way too many logins,  but at least it’s all valid. 

Wahoo! Success! 

Happy birthday to my b-i-l, ACS!


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