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{July 24, 2016}   My date to The Secret Life of Pets

Today I had a movie date. Well,  two dates to be precise.

EJS is leaving for sleep away camp in the morning for three weeks and I’m going to be gone for two weeks and I thought it would be nice to have a movie date with them and they agreed.

We loaded up in the car and headed to the movies. We got some popcorn and sour patch somethings, not for me, I can assure you! We found some seats and settled in. 

It was a great movie, taking place in one day and my…was it a busy and long day! 

As the tag line says “Ever wonder what your pets do when you’re not home?” So, I just ask you, do you ever wonder?

Different personalities for each pet, how they react towards and interact with their human companions and how they react and interact with each other. How they work together to solve a problem, learn to accept each other and when they don’t, asserting dominance, or trying to. 

Sticking with your friends, sticking up to your friends and even telling your friends where to stick it!

There were a lot of funny scenes, we had some nail biting scenes with Animal Control and then there was the sewer scene with all the “Flushed Pets”, these were the pets no one wanted anymore, so they lived in the sewers, even they were funny! Especially when their leader is a teeny, adorable bunny named Snowball. 

There was a point when Max and Duke got caught by Animal Control and EJS wanted to make sure they would be reunited with their human.  I told her not to worry, this is a Disney movie. 

All in all a great movie and a fabulous time with my girls. Holding hands, being silly, sittng in my lap when they get nervous, hugging me,  do I love it? You bet your sweet bippie I do!

Go see it,  totally worth it! You just have to get your own dates! Mine are taken!


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