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{July 7, 2016}   Happy Fourth of July

Here is my July 4th post that wasn’t…

A good and bittersweet day and a long one…

The bittersweet, then on to the good,  then the long. 

Bittersweet because things change.  When I lived in Atlanta, more specifically where my house of the list eleven years is, when we first moved in and for the next few years, there was a Patriots Day Parade, which I was on the committee, even took the leadership role once or twice. 

A few years,  I even got to drive WWII Vets and even a POW in my convertible beetle bug,  very cool! The parade had firetrucks, horses,  baseball teams, scouts, riding lawnmowers, cheerleaders, even an Army humvee a few times,  just to name a few. So many people lined the parade route, it was great! After the parade,  a huge pool party with the entire neighborhood, then fireworks in the field behind our houses, neighborhood guys playing music.  What could be better? Just miss it…

CKM and I walked the Peachtree Roadrace one year, then decided to volunteer and walk it. We worked at the Atlanta Track Club booth, we gave out numbers a few years, then we worked the start with the elite runners. This was after spending hours at the expo picking up our race packets,  sometimes getting our running outfits for the race! After the race, brunch. 

Another tradition was Prelude To the Fourth. It’s always on July 3rd, on the Square, where they would put on a musical under the stars and then fireworks. I would meet friends there,  bring a picnic and hope for no rain. SDL did this with me once or twice, TS and I did it a few times too. Loved it. Miss it. 

So,  that was the bittersweet, on to the good. 

Unfortunately,  I forgot to turn my weekday alarm off…545 came very early, I still had another 45 minutes to go! Time to get to final and head to GES’ to join EJS and ACS for a 5k, which made me think of the Peachtree. 

A cool thing on NPR, the broadcasters read the entire Declaration of Independence,  fabulous! I’ve never read the entire Declaration, just parts,of it, it was very cool,  especially having different voices reading.

I got to GES’, she drove the three of us to the start, thank you. We started together and then they were off. They’ve been training for a while,  I just signed up on Thursday! I kept about 10 yards behind the entire time,  until the last corner, then they were gone.

EJS ran the entire course! I am so very proud of her!

I accomplished my three goals: Start, Finish and have people behind you! It was great..along the way,  eventually I was the only one running where I was,  so people would say “looking good 540!” Love that encouragement! 

Even better…cheering sections! Along the route I would hear “Go Auntie J!” There were a bunch of the usual suspects from GES’ crowd running,  so their families were cheering them on and I benefitted! Best…as I came by GES and MGS…they had signs! “GO EJS” “GO DADDY” ” GO AUNTIE J” with hearts! What could be a better motivator?

I made it in 47 minutes, not bad for someone who hasn’t run in a while, only 6 minutes slower than my average time. 

After the run, ACS, EJS and I walked to where GES and MGS were watching the parade. We watched the parade, it was great! Classic cars,  bands,  minute men,  vets,  sports teams,  just to name a few. 

After the parade, back to the house to shower and change and head out with GES and the girls, separate cars since I was heading out shortly. 

At the parade were some of the usual suspects,  it was great. One of the families is moving next Saturday, I was glad I got to see them go say hello and goodbye before they left. 

Then it was back to the apartment to pick up my stuff and head to the airport, drop the car and up, up and away!

Flight number one…Boston to Chicago, full flight on United, at the airport needed some food, had a passable meal…flight number two…Chicago to St Louis, not very full flight in American Airlines and someone was in my seat because…they had been told they could move around and she seemed surprised that I showed up…flight number three, yes, I said flight number three…two hours later from St Louis to Madison,IL…Apparently, St Louis airport rolls up the carpet about 6:30pm, the only store open…Starbucks. I’m wondering if it was because it was a holiday or this is it…

So…I’m now going to get on Cape Air, the two hour layover stretched out a bit because we were waiting on sometime else, huh? How much do I weigh? Huh? How much does my carry on weigh? Huh? His response “oh you’ll see”. And I did. I’ve told you about flying baby “plane-lets” before, that was nothing! I’m getting in a 10 seater sessna! They put some of the carry on bags in the wings!! I sat behind the pilot! He kept his window open until we took off! 

This flight/plane,  is not for the faint of heart or those who fear flying! It’s small, very noisy and you can see ground for most of the 45 minute flight. It didn’t bother me,  I was fascinated, then I feel asleep, great 15 minute nap!

No electronics could be used for the flight,  which was a real bummer because I had a great view! Since it was July 4th, and after 10pm, we could see all these fireworks displays going off all over the state. There we color bursts and sparkles everywhere.  You could almost tell which were professional displays and which were neighborhood and backyard fun. It was great,  I wish I could have taken photos. 

We finally landed at the one door airport, no gates,  everything happens on the tarmac, it was a nice setup, from what I could see at night,  I’ll let you know Friday when I do it again! and I called for a taxi and after 20 minutes, I called again and was informed that she sent her husband out, he should be there. The funniest part of the evening…I’m so used to “not paying” for Uber that I was confused when he told me the amount, duh! So glad I had cash! Nope,  no credit card payments here. 

So friends, it is now close to one am, I have to get up and teach in the morning. I hope you have had a fabulous fourth and enjoy your independence! Goodnight!


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