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{June 20, 2016}   Happy Father’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate and honor our fathers. That being said, let me tell you about mine!

There are great dad’s out there but I’m biased, mine is the best! He’s an individual,  innovator, comic, artist, therapist, a shoulder to cry on, a great sounding board, spoiler, a great travel companion, a great traveler, an art lover, music aficionado. He can start the day off with cartoons, move to rock-n-roll, the opera, musical theater, a bad movie to a good movie, he’s a great popcorn maker and when it comes to coming, breakfast is a specialty.

He tells great jokes and when it’s a good one,  you’d think he was about to pass out from  laughing so hard,  sometimes he can’t even finish the joke. Whenever I hear a joke that I like,  I call him immediately so he can laugh with me!

As I’ve grown older, I won’t say grown up, we’ve gotten closer, our relationship has changed a little,  still father and daughter, but now,  there is a friend component or level. Now,  don’t get me wrong, I’m still a daddy’s girl and I always will be.

He has always been an amazing dad to GES and I, having to be the strong one for us sometimes, I like when I can be that for him.

To see him with his granddaughters is fabulous,  EJS and MGS love their Poppa! The other kids can him Poppa D, that’s how they know him,  isn’t that great! He’s so good with them, firm…rarely, silly…often, smart…always,  clever…frequently. I love watching the interaction between them,  they love his visits. There may even  be an overnight at his house in their future.

One of the things I love is that I talk to my dad every day.  It could be for a minute or twenty,  sometimes even longer. We talk about everything and nothing. How fabulous is  that?!

I hope nothing changes. Happy Father’s Day,  daddy. I love you.
PS…thanks for my name!

I want to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the fabulous dad’s out there.  Especially my brother-in-law,  ACS.



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