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{May 30, 2016}   Honor Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. The day to honor those who gave their lives serving their country.

One of the best posts I saw today was by my dear friend, JWB, I will post here and keep my post simple.

Memorial Day is an occasion for remembering those who died while serving their country in the United States Armed Forces.

Memorial Day was first observed in 1868, when it was called Decoration Day, a day set aside to decorate the graves and honor the 600,000 U.S men and women who died in the Civil War. Millions more have served since, and many have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The proper greeting is “Honor Memorial Day” for it is a day of honor.  Memorial Day should be the day in America when we stop, pause and take time to ponder the service, sacrifice and commitment to those who enable us to have the great many freedoms we enjoy.



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