Peaches Prattlings

{May 27, 2016}   TVs in a bar, please explain something

I may have already talked about this, if I did,  sorry.

So…I’m sitting in a bar/restaurant or is it restaurant/bar? Oh well, still sitting here and I look around and there are a bunch of TVs, all with different things on. No qualms with that at all.

If it’s a sports bar, and all TVs have sports playing on them, I get it. But here I am at a restaurant/bar,  there are all these TVs and only 2 have sports on. The rest is regular tv, talk shows and infomercials.

Ok,  so you are going to put on stuff other than sports, where you really don’t need to hear what’s going on, but with talk shows and the other stuff, how are we supposed to know what they’re talking about?

Only one tv has teletype, that’s ok, at least I know what they’re saying/talking about. The rest of them…not a clue.  And to that point…





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