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{October 17, 2015}   Hello Portugal!

This morning we landed in Portugal. Thankfully!

Our flight from Boston to Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport was painless, it’s nice having Sky Priority, we both did, first on, settle in, relax. We had one empty seat in our row so that was nice, not too crowded and I even got to lay out a little for part of the flight.

They couldn’t get the right meal for me, luckily, I had brought some food with me, so it may have actually been better than what they offered! Go figure! The nice thing is on this flight there are tv screens in the back of each seat with lots of free movies, tv, music and games. I watched two movies, Man Up with Simon Pegg and Into the Woods, I really liked Man Up, Into the Woods was alright, I kept dozing off, so I had to rewind a lot~

We arrived in Paris and made our way to our gate, we had just under an hour to get there and we needed most of that time. Again I had Sky Priority and this time, I was able to bring PSM on with me as he didn’t have it this time. We got on, settled in and waited. Now, this flight was not as uneventful. Most of the flight was fine, we watched Flash Gordon, or slept through most of it and then the landing. There was horrible weather with massive turbulence, let’s just say I knew where the little white bags were. But…I didn’t need it! We landed and erupted in thunderous applause for the pilot.

We got off the plane, looked outside and saw rain, rain and more rain, hopefully it would clear up. We headed to baggage claim to watch the baggage come and people go and no bags. We were approached by someone who worked for the airline…we had such a short connection window our bags didn’t make it to Portugal with us, oh goody. We went to the lost and found, filed our claim and left the airport with the knowledge and hope that it would show up at the hotel.

We met another couple flying in from Boston in the same predicament and we were going to the same place, the race expo so we decided to take a taxi. We went to the expo because…yes, I am nuts! Tomorrow, I am participating in the Rock-n-Roll Lisbon Half Marathon! What? Oh my!

After the expo, we took a taxi, mainly because we couldn’t find a train station, to the Double Tree Hotel Lisbon, it’s quite nice, although the hallways look a little like storage units, but hey, it’s nice on the inside and it’s free! Love those points!

By now, it was about 1;30 and we were both a little knackered and by the time I turned around, PSM was passed out, he deserved some good rest. I nodded off, then took a shower, made a cup of tea, took two sips and don’t remember anything until the phone rang! That was nice!

The luggage arrived a little late, but it arrived, we got motivated and went out for dinner, it’s the night before a race, I needed to carbo-load! So Italian it was. There were two recommended places about 8 minutes from the hotel and settled in for a nice meal. Apparently I was very hungry, when I was through, almost nothing left!

Now, we are back at the hotel, PSM is grabbing a beer, watching rugby, very European, and I came up to talk to you and get some rest, I have 13.1 miles to get to tomorrow!

After the race…let the tour begin!

lisbon expo


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