Peaches Prattlings

{December 18, 2014}   Team Holiday Party

Tonight was the team holiday party for the project I am on.

We went to Pinstripes,, an upscale place for food, fun, bowling and bocce! When I saw the indoor bocce fields/lanes/pitch/whatever, I thought about my favorite family in Wisconsin, JS, his wife, TS and their girls M&M, love that family!



We had a nice dinner and after dinner, Santa showed up to give us presents! The team members who had family events, babies, weddings got a little something extra, for the rest of us, we got Starbucks coffee mugs and slipper socks, a can koozie and some candy, how nice is that! [sorry, I forgot to take a picture and it’s already packed].



After dinner, we all headed to the bowling area, put on our shoes, check out my socks! and divided into teams on 4 lanes and bowl we did! There was a prize for the highest individual score and one for the lowest individual score, want to guess who won for lowest personal score? The prize: An elf on the shelf and a Kenny G CD of Christmas Favorites! Score!


We had a good time, some good laughs and then it was time to get to the hotel and pack and talk to you.

Happy second night of Chanukah!

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