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{November 23, 2013}   Dr. Who

They say you never forget your first doctor…so true.

Did you see google today? It was a tribute to the Dr. Who series/franchise. There were all the doctors running back and forth and when you clicked on the doctors, you were taken to a game to play, serious fun for serious fans!

There have been countdowns and postings like crazy! And if you are a true fan, today was a huge day and no one should disturb you.

There are a few people I know who are ga-ga for the doctor and couldn’t wait! DCM’s youngest, DCM is one of those people, she la la la loves the good doctor, as does her mom, CG. How cool is this…she is such a big fan that for her birthday a few years ago, DCM, the younger, made her mom a clock with all of the doctors for the numbers…stellar, right?

As I mentioned, they say “You never forget your first doctor”. I am admittedly not a huge fan, but…I have to agree with that statement. (I have the socks to prove it!). I am a Dr. Who, Number Four fan, he was my first, sigh… Tom Baker, the fourth doctor, is, to date, the actor who has played the role the longest, seven seasons. I watched every episode I could from that time and one of my goals in life is to knit that scarf!

I don’t know why I never got into Dr. Who later in life, as I am a huge sci-fi nut and I loved the series as a kid, but I just haven’t. I listen to DCM (squared) talk about it, specifically David Tennant, who I loved in Harry Potter, among other things, he’s gotten her gifts with the doctor, I’ve posted things to her wall, but I just haven’t sat down to watch, maybe I need to.

Maybe it’s time I just “suck it up and deal”. It took me a while to get into a Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation, for those not in the know), OZ and NB sat with me while I got over my objections and then DR held my hand whenever Jean Luc Picard came on the screen sigh. After that, we spent every week together watching new episodes.

So…Who’s going to sit and hold my hand?



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