Peaches Prattlings

{October 8, 2013}   Another stellar Girl Night Out!

Tonight we had another great GNO! It was quite creative!

We went to Mudslinger Pottery,, in Louiseville, CO, about 10 minutes from us and a WAY cute town! Lots of shops, restaurants, pubs, actual tree lined streets, it was charming! I found out that Louiseville was named the number 2 safest city in the country! I can see why.

We started with a lecture that lasted about 40 minutes, we learned about the four S’ s [scoring, smoothing, something and something], then we learned about throwing clay, the wheel, sponging, making sure clay is centered. We would ‘leave’ with having potentially made 3 items [we left them there to be ‘bisqued” so we could come back and paint them – you know when you go to a paint your own pottery? Those are bisque so that you can paint them].  We will go back next month to paint.

We took our ball of clay and worked the clay into a cup of sorts, get the feel for sides [by putting your thumb through the center and working out], I made mine more into a petaled cup, I liked it. Then we worked on the wheel, I had serious issues for 2 balls of clay, bad when they go flying and the guard goes flying too! Third time’s the charm! I scored the bowl on the inside, way cool!

Then…i decided to make something on the tableetop, i cut out pieces, using the rolling pin, scoring, smoothing, and imprinted this cool flower stamp on the base and the back, I was inspired! I then put 9 holes in it, MG’s menorah!!! I can’t wait to paint it and give it to her! [For EJ, I made her a bunch of animals out of fimo] It’s going to be fun!

We had a great time, I had clay all over my face, we had Ghost moments, clay everywhere, good food and lots of laughs and some great pictures, you should join us next time! [not telling you what we’re doing, you’ll have to tune in]

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