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{June 27, 2013}   Ghost of a Chance

It’s been a while since I’ve written a book review, so here’s one.

Today, I finished ‘Ghost of a Chance’. I really enjoyed it, it had all the elements that I enjoy and then some, murder, mayhem, mystery, mysticism, ghosts, a china shop, tea, charms, spells, witches and ghosts, is that enough?

The main character is Emerald O’Brien, she’s a divorced mother of two kids, Randa (Miranda)and Kip (Kiplng). She owns a tea shop, where she sells not only tea but china, baked goods and lunch. She’s also considered the town witch, not the “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble” type of witch, but she could read tarot cards, was in tune with the world around her and spirits, something her nanny had taught her how to embrace who she was and she’s now teaching her son who shares her gift.

The book opens with Emerald introducing herself, talking about how she can sense spirits and then about one visiting her in her bedroom asking for help, she’s been murdered, by her husband.

Emerald has some great friends who know about her talents and want to help. Harlowe and Murray are her best friends, Harlowe, since she moved to the town and Murray, since college. She meets a new guy named Andrew, her first since getting divorced, that she’s interested in and he becomes instrumental in helping her, even sticking around after finding out about her abilities, a rare quality.

As I said, there are charms, incantations, spirits, both evil and good, cleanings, tarot readings and lots of tea. There are plot twists and turns, surprises and you don’t know who it is, truly until the end.

Even if the spirit world is not something you believe in, this book is charming, scary, enlightening and a darn fine mystery, you root for the good guys, feel happy and scared with the characters, kind of draws you in, I highly recommend it!

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