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In a TV show, such as cop dramas! Made ya look though, didn’t I?

Here is the thing… Soap operas…drama and personal story lines, that’s all there is; comedies or sitcoms…most times a continuing story line of family or friends, with individual situations happening, you get involved with their lives, much like a soap opera, but funny. Hospital dramas…lets be honest, it’s a soap opera with doctors, a new case or medical mystery, but usually there’s interpersonal drama, we get sucked in. People like these, hey, I got hooked on ER for the first two seasons, I loved House for a while, how could you not.

What I don’t get is crime dramas, like Law & Order, why do those cops have to have huge story lines outside of the case of the week? Why can’t they just solve the crime that day, maybe it runs to the next week, and be done with it, how much back or outside story do we really need? And if you think about it, you only know the personal story of one or two of the main characters and then that’s it, you don’t know what anyone else does when they go home.

Sometimes, a persons personal life is important to the story line, but a lot of time it just gets in the way and drags things down and then when something happens to their family, you’re very upset because you’ve got a vested interest in these characters. Let them go about their day, do their jobs and that’s it, maybe they go out for a bite to eat or a drink after work, but they are back at it in the morning, catch the bad guy and do it all over again.

I know that seeing into their lives can give us insight to their personalities, what makes them tick, but you can also see it in the way they act in different situations. Does it really enhance the story line? And then…end of season, the cliffhanger and we have to wait ’til fall? Or if it’s a summer series, I have to wait until next summer? Pook!

This may be a pointless rant, but it’s something that I’ve though about before and complained about out loud, to no one in particular, not really expecting a response, but…just food for thought.

{August 15, 2013}   Reality Swapping Shows

It was hard to title this one.

There are two shows that I am focusing on: Trading Spaces and Wife Swap.

With any reality, you are volunteering to be put on display, on tv for the world to see. You’ve got so many choices, Real Housewives [of the universe], this famous family, that now famous family, we have a trillion children, survival of the nitwits, lets all live in a house together; fix your looks, clean house, let’s dance, get fitted, get married, win tiaras, call ducks, AMISH MAFIA? Whatever your weakness or passion, I am sure there is a reality show for you!

Ok, so I might be a bit harsh and if you are a fan of those shows, I apologize, no offense intended, I may have talked to you about some of the reality shows I’ve watched, especially while traveling, guilty pleasure.

So, back to Trading Spaces and Wife Swap. Trading Spaces isn’t on anymore, I believe, but when it was, I LOVED it! The premise was two family swapped houses, worked with a decorator to redecorate one room in the other house, a lot of times it was friends, but many times, it was just random families that were chosen. During the swap, there might be some fear of what’s happening back at their house, but the excitement really came during the big reveal. Some of the couples wouldn’t like what was done and would pitch a fit!

You agreed to be on the show, you agreed to let people into your home, take a room and redecorate it. Even if it’s not what you imagined or wanted or love, be a good sport about it, be gracious and after the show, take some time to get used to it. You can always change it back or to something you want.

And…Wife Swap. Two wives swap lives/families for 2 weeks. The first week, they live the life of the person they are replacing, no matter what. The second week, there is a rule change and the family has to do what the wife says [they tried Husband/Dad swap at one point, never took off]. There are some interesting swaps: Religious/Rocker, Clean Freak/Slob, Disciplined/Carefree, Goth/Hockey Mom, just to give you a few examples.

When the show first started, at the end, the wives would award money to the family they are leaving along with instructions for how the other family should use it.

Both families agreed to be a part of the show, follow the rules and do whatever the new wife wants for the second week, after she has been exactly what their wife/mother is in their daily life for the first week.

During the show, it never fails, during the first week the wife/mom has trouble living the life as she is instructed by her counterpart, but 95% of them give it a real try and the second week, when there is a rule change, the family inevitably is resistant, its a toss up who is worse, the kids or the dads.

Just like Trading Spaces, you agreed to be on this show, to participate in the true spirit of the event, give it 100% to learn something about other people, be tolerant and maybe learn something about themselves. There might be lessons learned, new appreciation for your wife/mom, how you are living your life and maybe how much is taken for granted. Sometimes lives are improved, weeks after the show they might be realized, but during the two weeks and the meetup after [when the husbands and wives are reunited] it doesn’t seem like it.

You’re on national television, act like a human being and an adult [if you are of adult age], don’t show your arse, unless that was your intention the entire time. I know it’s entertainment, but c’mon!











{August 8, 2013}   Tanked

When DCM and I were in NY last year for a wedding, there wasn’t much to do where we were (Long Island, not much happening outside the diner across the street and the bar in the hotel) so we channel surfed.

While we were surfing, we found a new reality show called Tanked, it first aired in 2011. This show cracks us up! It’s about two guys who started ATM, Acrylic Tank Manufacturer,
Brett Raymer and Wayde King. They are originally from Long Island (random thought…what are the odds we found this show while we were on Long Island, hmmm….) and it’s a family business, they are brother-in-laws, Wayde married Jeff’s sister and Jeff’s dad works there, sort of, they call him The General.

The company has been around for about 20 years and they have been in Las Vegas for about 15 years. They build everything from small personal tanks to huge monster tanks, some with monsters, literally! The show centers around two tank orders per episode, Wayde and Jeff go to the customer’s site and get ideas of what they want, Jeff says “we can do it!” And Wayde just looks at him like he’s nuts!

There are all the people who work for them, like extended family and each has their own amazing talents.

Then there are the clients, every day normal people, business owners and some super stars (Tracy Morgan, the creator of Jackass, Neal Patrick Harris, KISS, just to name a few) and the look n everyone’s faces when they reveal the tank, so special! Amazement is a good word for it!

No matter what the challenge, they always come through for their clients and you should see some of the amazing designs, there is a you tube link at the bottom so you can check out some of the episodes.

No matter how goofy they are, and they are goofy, they get the job done and they really know their fish, they value all animals and treat them with a lot of care, never putting them in harms way, which doesn’t always hold true for themselves, the pranks they play on each other are great and stupid!

The goofy thing about most reality shows is when the stars have their one-on-ones to the camera, it’s all so like they feel they have to shout at the camera, it’s almost every single reality show star, kind of weird, but it’s their M.O.

Overall, this is a fun show that we both like, we even DVR it and watch a few episodes in a row. Check it out and see if you laugh like we do!….0…

{June 27, 2013}   The End

It’s hard to say goodbye when we found something we really like.

Isn’t it always the way? You find a TV series, you fall in love and then it gets cancelled. “Girl searches for show…Show (like a boy) does everything it can to get her attention…Girl takes a chance on the show…Girl falls in love with the show…Network cancels the show.

Sometimes you wonder why a show is cancelled in what seems like it’s prime, some run its course naturally and others, you can’t understand why it’s still on.

There was Firefly, it was cancelled in its prime, Family Guy was cancelled, brought back, cancelled, brought back. The Finder and John Doe, both one season and the season finale was a cliffhanger and then..nothing, the show was gone.

Since I didn’t have cable, I had access to Netflix and Hulu and I would find a show and watch the entire series from start to finish. A lot of times I did not get into a show when it was on television, I discovered it some times years after it was on the air. The cool thing, you don’t have to wait for the summer to get to the next season and if its a new show, you have the option to wait for the season to be over and watch them all at once.

I was led to this post as tonight, we watched the last few episodes of Eureka. There were five seasons total, it was an interesting, funny, sometimes predictable, clever, silly and sometimes made you think…could this be possible?

This was a show that I could have seen continuing past just five seasons, but they went out on a high note, the last season more wonky than not, there were nail biting moments, tears, laughter, doh, expletives, the entire gamut of emotions. Good closure for the main characters and a happy ending.

The worst part..after you finish watching from start to finish and you’ve been dedicated, you look at each other and say..what next? I did that after I finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.

So, Eureka has ended, Warehouse 13 doesn’t have new episodes uploaded to Netflix yet and Grimm is on summer hiatus, what will we do? We might have to talk to each other!

{June 13, 2013}   Guest stars

Isn’t it interesting who guest stars where?

You’re watching your favorite show and occasionally they have guest stats and you’re like “woah, wow, is that?” Tonight we were watching an episode of Warehouse 13 and Lindsay Wagner appeared on the screen! I can’t remember the last thing I had seen her in, it may have been a movie on Lifetime!

I was watching the Muppet Movie this weekend and thinking about guest stars and shows that were popular for them. The shows that came to mind, and interestingly enough, from the late 70s/early 80s: The Muppet Show, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Star Trek, The A-Team, The Fall Guy.
There are others that you could add, but those are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.

This even lapped over into their movies. Think about the famous people in The Muppet Movies, all of them! It was a who’s who of Hollywood! I was first introduced to Alice Cooper, Carol Burnett, John Denver, Beverly Sills…on the Muppet Show, it seemed to be a right of passage, like being on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, it meant you made it!

There aren’t many shows like that left, that people are clamoring to get on,but it’s always fun to spot them, especially when you might not be able to remember their name, but you remember their character.

Makes me nostalgic, how about you? Charro..”hoochie coochie”…Tattoo, “Da plane boss..da plane!”

{March 15, 2013}   Endgame

I found a new show that I really like and makes me think of my dad.

Endgame is about Arkady Balagan, a famous Russian champion chess player who saw his fiancé murdered (blown up in a car), who now cannot leave the hotel he has been residing in, The Huxley. He spent his entire life in hotels, so this hotel is his “home” and he is an agoraphobic.

He walks the hotel in his jammies, yes I said jammies, racks up mounds of charges at the hotel and is very low on funds himself. He now solves crimes, all from the hotel, and uses a chess groupie, a bartender, a hotel maid and sometimes the hotel head of security. He fell into it when, in the first episode a child is missing and he asks the right questions.

Now, people come to him to solve their problems, crimes, issues and he charges them, sometime what they can afford, sometimes for a favor, sometimes a lot of money. He’s brash and forward, direct and annoying, brilliant and caring and looks at each case from every angle, each persons view and on a chess board and all in his bare feet (I like that part the best).

The reason this show reminds me of my dad, as I mentioned, is that my dad plays chess. He’s played since I was a kid, he’s good too, tried to teach me, I enjoyed backgammon more than I did chess. He played postal chess, I remember the stacks and stacks of postcards of moves, I always found it amazing that he could follow along and had the patience to wait for the mail to bring a new move. I might be mistaken, but there may have been multiple boards set up with different games in my house growing up. Now he plays online, games happen a little faster, but probably not much more since he needs to wait for the next move.

He introduced me to a book, The Flanders Panel by Arturo Perez-Reverte, all centered around a painting and a chess game, go figure! There was mystery, intrigue, love, hate, murder, right up my alley!érez-Reverte Endgame is on Hulu, so if you can handle the commercials, I recommend the show.

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