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{September 7, 2017}   Hauʻoli hauʻoli hauʻoli, CWB!

Happy, happy birthday CWB!

I wanted to wish one of my oldest and dearest friends a very happy birthday. Ok, not oldest, but someone I have known the longest. Apparently, as we get older, have to be more selective with how we phrase things!

We met in middle school, not even sure where, but we became instant friends and that friendship carried us through middle school, high school and college. We went to different high schools, but stayed together, every took driver’s education and our SAT prep together.

It was me, CWB and her twin sister, HW, we were like The Three Musketeers! Their mom would treat me like another daughter, I even remember one time when she would say “my girls” and they would say “and JJ!” I loved being a part of the family.

We would go to the theatre, dances, movies, dinner, into the city, which, when you live in/on one of the five boroughs that make up NYC, going into Manhattan.

We stayed in touch throughout and even a little after college. CWB moved into the city and I eventually moved to Georgia and as many things happen in life and with friends, we lost touch. Lives happen, people go their separate ways, not forgetting about each other, even thinking about each other, sending vibes into the universe.

With the introduction of Facebook, like a lot of other people, we reconnected. I think I’ve told you about some of our calls over the last year, picking up each time as if we hts spoke the week before.

She’s a fabulous mom and wife, sister, daughter, friend, great supporter of the causes she holds dear, a fighter for what she believes in.

I’m so happy that we found each other and we’re back in each other’s lives, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My friend, my seestah!

Happy, happy birthday CWB, I hope September 6th brings you all you hope for.


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