Peaches Prattlings

{September 3, 2017}   Ka lāʻelua Kauai

Day two Kauai. What a day! We started the day at the hotel at a Kauai orientation breakfast. This was presented by a local company that tells you about Kauai, navigating around the island and then different options for tours and activities on the island. The nice thing about the orientation was having someone to book activities for us in one place, instead of us going to multiple sites to book. We’re excited about what we’ve booked, starting today! We started off on our day of adventure through the Tunnel of Trees, isn’t it fabulous!? Then we stopped in the town of Koloa, toured an old Hawaiian village, look at that monkeypod tree, planted in 1925 by Howard Yamamoto. Then we drove on and stopped at Poipu Beach and saw Ke Kahua O Kaneiolouma, a map of an authentic Hawaiian village designed by Henry Kekahuna. We were at Poipu Beach, how could we not actually go to the beach! How beautiful, yum! Toes in the sand! Then, on to Spouting Horn State Park. Spouting Horn is located in the Koloa district on the southern coast of Kauai. This area of Kauai is known for its crashing waves, these waves erode lava rocks on the coastline which can create narrow openings, as is the case with Spouting Horn.

Then our first scheduled adventure! A catamaran, The Lucky Lady, out to the Napali Coast for some snorkeling and sailing back into the sunset! Do you see the Hawaiian Slipper Dolphins who came to say hello! The Napali Coast was amazing! Caves, waterfalls, inlets, jutties, mountains, goats, private islands. Snorkeling! Love, love, love my Go-Pro, thank you family!
Then, after snorkeling, it was time for mai tais, other libations and dinner, then sail off into the sunset, literally. Mother Nature even threw in a rainbow! What an adventure and what a way to end the day! What could tomorrow hold!?


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