Peaches Prattlings

{October 20, 2015}   Day 3…Lisbon…sightseeing!

It’s always nice to sleep in, but…when you’re traveling, sometimes that sets you back a bit.

We had some really good blackout screens in the room,  so good,  we missed breakfast and missed the normal checkout time,  but it was all good.

I forgot to tell you about the Doubletree Lisbon. Very industrial and art deco, we weren’t sure if we were staying in a hotel or a storage unit. You know me, I have my stuff in three,  I go visit,  could have been!

We packed up and headed to our next hotel,  hindsight,  we should have taken the Metro, but 1.9 miles didn’t seem thato far,  until you’re walking uphill on cobblestone, some slippery. We made it!  To a teeny room with a bed and a shared bathroom. This should be interesting.

We headed out in search of a snack,  having missed breakfast and all,  and found a cute little place for cafe, cha [tea] and two Pasties de Nata, yum! Down to the Metro to Allama to first,  get tickets for Eurorail, we’re going top Porto!

Next was for sightseeing.


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