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{September 27, 2015}   My first Patriots game!

Today,  I went to my first Patriots game! 

I’ve told you about going to Falcons games with JT, awesome,  they were in the Georgia Dome,  this was my first outdoor game! Let me tell you about it.

The day started way too early! We were up at 630…AM! showered and out the door by 7:08am, headed to PSMs brother’s house as he was spending the weekend with his nephew JAM.

We got there about 7:40 and got going just about 8am and headed to the meeting place before tailgating.

A little side note is why we were going at all. This was originally my game and that changed when PSM was going to hang with JAM, which was totally cool. Then Thursday morning,  I got a text from PSM “extra ticket for Sunday’s game,  want to go? ” What? 

I immediately got online and found a ticket for ST,  nosebleed,  but a ticket!  We were set!

Back to today…

We all got back in two cars after getting everyone else,  got back in the road and did some creative driving to get to Gilette Stadium.

We found a spot,  started to unload and one of the guys asked a security guy, got the go ahead,  we got through and got to a better spot,  wahoo, not far from the entrance.

We began the process of tailgating.  Set up the tables and grill,  food,  drinks, fired up said grill and it was on.  We started at NINE AM!

Eating,  drinking,  laughing,  ST fit right in with everyone.  Everyone had something Patriots on,  even me!  I bought a really cute jersey at Victoria’s Secret, love it!

About 3 hours later,  we cleaned up and headed into the stadium. We had great seats! Let me tell you,  the day started out about 30s/40s, bundled up.  By the time we went into the stadium,  we were in one layer each,  some in shorts and t-shirts, it got H O T!

We were facing the sun and started roasting!  It was definitely better than cold!  Which I will be in November!

Before we sat down,  PSM treated JAM to a Pats blanket and me to a great hoodie! I got the hat,  have to represent!

The game was great,  they played the Jacksonville Jaguars, final score 51-17, ouch. Had a lot of fun,  I don’t always know what’s going on,  but I could follow a few plays. 

I did get up a few times,  getting food, water or candy for JAM was a good excuse to get out of the sun and go to the bathroom! 

At half time,  JAM and I took a talk to the very top row in the stadium, high up,  with a great view! We could see the entire stadium. We walked back down to our seats and a little while later ST was able to join us.

The cool thing is every time the Pats score,  the Minute Men fire their muskets! Too cool!

Another cool thing…Tom Brady became the 4th player in NFL history to make 400 touchdown passes.  He joins Marino, Manning and Favre! Very impressive! Congratulations!

Just before the end of the game,  after they scored,  we made our way out,  it was told to try to beat the traffic out.

We reconvened at the original meeting spot,  said our goodbyes and made our way back into the stream of people.

What a great day!  Thank you PSM!!!







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