Peaches Prattlings

{October 27, 2014}   Today I played tourist..and it was fun!

As you know I’m in Denver for the weekend and felt like playing tourist since there are so many things about Denver I haven’t experienced yet and today I felt like taking a walk and I heard that there was a Dale Chihuly exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens, so off I went and I am glad I did!

It was just under 2.5 miles to get to the Gardens, I walked through Cheesman Park, I found out the name after I talked to the manager at the burger place I had dinner at, thank you Justin.

The park was great, I sat down on a bench here and there while I talked to TS, catching up after my trip to Ireland and her trip to Africa, we had a lot to catch up on! I met a few dogs, watched people playing and picnicing, a beautiful day, had to be close to 80! As I was walking, I snapped photos of some of the beauty that Denver has to offer. The Botanic Gardens was beautiful and the Chihuly was fantastic. Each piece selected and placed intentionally to accent each flower and plant and it was breathtaking. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I loved seeing them.

20141026_125850 20141026_130656 20141026_131217 20141026_133208 20141026_170406

20141026_163302 20141026_151442 20141026_154151 20141026_154401 20141026_154451 20141026_154621 20141026_154743 20141026_154944 20141026_155027 20141026_155346 20141026_160524 20141026_161110 20141026_161216 20141026_161936 20141026_162124 20141026_163611

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